Planet of the Apes — Difference between Script and Movie

Malcolm Dawson

In watching the Planet of the Apes as a movie and reading it as a script I noticed a couple of differences between the two. Generally, however the main difference between the two is that the script is for the actors – what they say while the movie is filming. The focus is on telling the story. The movie catches everything that was left out of the script like camera angles and cut and fade instructions.  it shows emotion. Here are a couple of examples of the differences in the script and movie of Planet of the Apes that I noticed.

In the movie, Caesar and one of the  animal keepers gets into a fight and the keeper keeps saying “git git” over and over again. There is action and camera flashes between the keeper and Caesar.  However, in the script its says the keeper lunges at Caesar and misses then strikes but Caesar could not dodge him. There is no detail into the look on the keeper’s face or what the mood was like. The script is just the words on the paper.

Additionally, in the script the keeper says “we’re gonna go slow here alright? You’re gonna go back in your cage.”  In the movie, this scene was much more dramatic and emotional with the keeper yelling at Caesar “what the hell do you think you are doing?” and tries to hit Caesar. Again, there seems to be more action and emotion in the movie than in the script.


Film Camera Shots/Angles Research

2 AM: The Smiling Man

I chose 2 AM: The Smiling Man for this project.  The film showed that while walking late one night, a man notices another man walking strangely.  The strange man has an eerie smile and the main actor does not know what the smiling man is up to or what he plans to do.

Mid Shot

This shot is a mid-shot where it shows the actor’s head and shoulders. The effect this shot has on the audience is that it allowed me to understand a little about the actor’s emotions and facial expression at that point in time.  The actor gives a half-smile as he has just seen the smiling man walking weirdly and he doesn’t seem to be worried anything is going to happen.

Long Shot

This particular shot of the smiling man walking towards the main actor is a long shot.   It makes the audience wonder why this smiling man is walking weirdly.  This shot creates mystery for the audience and an impression that he could be dangerous.

Over the Shoulder

This shot is over the shoulder because it is looking from the main actor’s perspective because he is looking at the smiling man.  It does not seem to involve the audience because the camera is focused on what is going on behind the actor.

Close Up

This is a close-up of the main actor breathing a sigh of relief after thinking the smiling man is not going to do anything to him.  This shot captures tense emotions and an intense or frightful moment for the audience.

Extreme Close Up

This is an extreme close-up shot because it showing the main actor’s facial expression up close.  This creates fear or tension for the audience.

undertale return of the monsters

Prologue: Long ago, Monsters and Humans lived in harmony for many, many years on the surface of the earth. But one day, war broke between the two races. The two sides had fought for a long while, but after the battle, the Humans were victorious. A council of seven humans had sealed ever monster underground with powerful magic. A wall called “ The Barrier”.

But many years later a human; Named Chara fell into the underground. The prince heard her cry and he took her to the palace. She king and queen raised the child as their own. But one day, the child got deathly ill. Her wish was for the prince to bring her to the flowers on the surface. Then she died, The Prince absorbed her SOUL, crossed the barrier and went to the surface. When he was spotted holding Chara, He was almost killed. When he made it back to the Underground, He died.

Afterwards, The king Declared he would kill any human that fell. But many, many, many, many, MANY years later a child named Frisk, The Ambassador of Monsters and Humans, had befriended every single monster of what was once the underground. She had overcome the pull of the genocidal demon; Chara. After reviving Prince Asriel, she freed the monsters from their cold prison underground. This is the continuation of her journey.


CHAPTER I: Free again

‘’This….This is beautiful.” Said Toriel. “I never thought I would see it again.” Said Asgore. “SO THIS IS WHAT YOU LIVE IN EVERYDAY HUMAN!?” Papyrus shouted. “Y-Yeah.” Frisk said quietly. “I-I can’t b-b-believe you see this e-e-e-every day F-Frisk!” Said Alphys.  “Yeah, this is pretty awesome kiddo. Surprisingly warm though, i’m use to the cold snow.” Said Sans.

“Huh……it feels pretty nice up here…”Said Undyne. “SANS, WHAT IS THAT BIG HOT BALL IN THE SKY?!” Papyrus shouted. “Heh, thats the sun, bro.” Said Sans. “What now?” Asked Alphys. “I guess go greet the humans, let them know monsters are back on the surface.” Said Asgore. “OK! LET’S GO ALPH!” Undyne shouted as she put Alphys on her shoulders.

“U-Undyne! S-Slow D-D-Down!” Alphys said as everyone ran off. “NYEHEHEHE! UNDYNE WAIT UP!!”! Papyrus chuckled and yelled as he followed Undyne. “Hmm….My child. I must ask you something.” Toriel said softly as Frisk looked up at her. “Do you wish to live with me….or….umm…..go out on your own…?” Frisk gestured to stay with goat mom. Toriel teared up and nods walking towards the town.


CHAPTER II: Life on the surface

Three weeks later, Toriel, Undyne, Alphys, Frisk, Asgore, Papyrus, and Sans all found a big house in the small town of Ebbott. “SANS, PICK UP YOUR FUCKING SOCK! YOU HAVE LEGS,GET UP AND GRAB IT”! Papyrus yelled, pissed about the one sock. Sans popped off his legs and threw them. “Welp, seems like you have to get it bro. “Sans said sleepily.

“SANS, PUT YOUR LEGS BACK ON!” Papyrus yelled. “Sorry bro, too sleepy.” Sans said before falling asleep. “GRRR……” Papyrus growled before throwing it right in Sans’s face. “……” Sans said nothing. “SANS? SANS,DID I THROW IT TOO HARD?” Papyrus walked to him. “Welp….Seems like to really….. “ “SANS, NO..” Papyrus said before the pun.  “SOCKED IT TO ME!” Sans said before laughing. Papyrus yelled before he started cursing loudly.

“Papyrus, language! Not in front of the child!” Toriel covered Frisk’s ears. Frisk tried to get Toriel’s hands off her ears but Toriel kept them on. Frisk whispered in Toriel’s ear and then they started to walk outside. “My child, are you sure you want to do this?” Toriel said looking down at Frisk. Frisk nods holding a shovel and a flower pot. The two of them walked down to the RUINS.

Flowey looked at them. “Hmm?Oh….It’s just you two idiots.” Flowey said when he saw them. “F-Flowey…we are gonna take you to the surface.” Frisk said as she set down the pot and picked up the shovel. “YOU IDIOTS! I WILL DIE UP THERE!” Flowey screeched. Frisk dug the shovel under his roots and Toriel put him in the pot. “You’re coming with us whether you like it, or not.” Toriel said.” IDIOTS. IDIOTS! IDIOTS! IDIOTS!” Flowey shouted. Frisk put a piece of flower food in his mouth to shut him up. “Mmmmmmmmm…” Flowey tried to talk when he had the flower food in his mouth. Toriel, Frisk, and Flowey walked back to the surface.

Asgore looked at them when they got back. “A-Asriel?” Asgore said. Flowey swallowed the flower food, and yelled at him. “MY NAME IS FLOWEY!!!” Flowey shouted. “You are my son.” Asgore said softly. “I.D. I.O.T.” Flowey said letter by letter. “You are our son.” Toriel said. “IDIOTS.” Flowey said loudly. “If he says idiot one more time…..”Undyne said. “Hey! Fish!” Undyne looked at him. “IDIOT.” Flowey said asking for it. Undyne rolled up her sleeves and put a circle of spears around him with her eye glowing. “SAY IDIOT ONE MORE TIME AND YOU’LL GET A BAD TIME.” Undyne and Sans said at her most pissed point. Flowey gulped and wilted slightly and looked at them.

Chapter III: The winds of change

It has been 2 months that the monsters once again roamed the surface. No conflict had happened between humans and monsters….well….not that we knew of…The police came knocking on the door. I’LL GET IT! Papyrus opened the door and there were three officers. SANS? SANS,WHO ARE THEY? Papyrus said softly for once. Aw jeez, Paps go upstairs. Tori? Sans said as Toriel walked downstairs.

What is….oh no. Toriel said. Have you seen this monster? The officer held up a poster of Undyne. W-What? Why? Toriel said. This monster has assaulted a human recently. The officer said keeping a solid glare at them. Uhhhh….Sans then pulled Undyne to the doorway with blue magic.

HEY! WHAT ARE YOU……Oh god….Undyne said. Thank you, sir. We will take it from here. Two of the officers held Undyne down while the third one put handcuffs on her. Huh?! Frisk said biting one of the officers. LEAVE HER ALONE! Flowey heard her yell and he grabbed Undyne with his roots. The officers grabbed Frisk in a headlock and kicked Flowey’s roots.

HEY, THE HUMAN HIT ME FIRST! Undyne yelled. The officers thought for a moment and uncuffed Undyne’s bleeding wrists. Asgore o’ Mighty, do you really need to lock them that tight? Sans and Toriel said. Its necessary to lock it like that. One of the officers said. Now we just need to ask questions, Ms. Undyne. The officers said. HEY, I’M MARRIED YA KNOW! Undyne yelled holding up her right hand. AND SET FRISK DOWN WOULD YA! Undyne shouted trying to get the officer to release his grip as Frisk’s face was purple. Huh? Oh! I am so sorry! The officer set Frisk down on the floor, then she passed out.

Oh jeez. Sans said picking Frisk up with blue magic and setting her on the couch.  Now, Ms. Undyne, would you please walk outside with us while we ask questions? One of the officers said while the other pulled out a clipboard. As long as you give me some time to heal my wrists first. Undyne said while she put her hands on her bleeding wrists. The officers nod and walk outside, Undyne following them.

Well, now we wait. Sans said closing the door and walking over to Frisk shaking her. Kid, wake up. Sans said while Toriel walked over to them. My child. My child, please wake up. Frisk groaned and opened one eye, yet she was still unconscious.

F-Frisk is going to b-be out for a while. Alphys said to them. She didn’t get enough a-air to her lungs, s-so she’s g-gonna be out for a while. Sans and Toriel sighed and sat next to her, Toriel placing Frisk in her lap. A few hours later, Frisk groaned waking up, looking up at Toriel. Oh! My child, you’re awake! Toriel said happily. ……Where’s Undyne? Is she still talking to the officers? Frisk said holding her head, sitting up. No, she’s up in her room, kid. Sans said while he patted her on the back.

I-Is she ok? Is she hurt? Frisk said with big eyes. IT’S ONLY HER WRISTS. NOT MUCH TO WORRY ABOUT HUMAN. Papyrus said trying not to yell. Alphys is helping her my child. Do not worry. Toriel said. Um…..Did I miss something? Asgore said when he walked by. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ASGORE! They all yelled.


-One week later..-


Chapter IV: Beware the man who speaks in hands.


Sans sighed as he was at the old lab in the underground, looking at a old picture. Frisk walked down next to him. Sans? Who is that? She pointed to the man next to Papyrus and Sans. GAH!! Sans screamed as he fell to the floor with his eye glowing. S-Sorry! Frisk said as she walked to him, holding out her hand. Sans took her hand as he was still catching his breath. K-Kid, d-dont scare me like that…you’re gonna give me a soul attack! Well you can’t forget the salsa sans said . Brother your puns are so despicable .

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