Planet of the Apes — Difference between Script and Movie

Malcolm Dawson

In watching the Planet of the Apes as a movie and reading it as a script I noticed a couple of differences between the two. Generally, however the main difference between the two is that the script is for the actors – what they say while the movie is filming. The focus is on telling the story. The movie catches everything that was left out of the script like camera angles and cut and fade instructions.  it shows emotion. Here are a couple of examples of the differences in the script and movie of Planet of the Apes that I noticed.

In the movie, Caesar and one of the  animal keepers gets into a fight and the keeper keeps saying “git git” over and over again. There is action and camera flashes between the keeper and Caesar.  However, in the script its says the keeper lunges at Caesar and misses then strikes but Caesar could not dodge him. There is no detail into the look on the keeper’s face or what the mood was like. The script is just the words on the paper.

Additionally, in the script the keeper says “we’re gonna go slow here alright? You’re gonna go back in your cage.”  In the movie, this scene was much more dramatic and emotional with the keeper yelling at Caesar “what the hell do you think you are doing?” and tries to hit Caesar. Again, there seems to be more action and emotion in the movie than in the script.


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