chapter 3

It has been 2 months that the monsters once again roamed the surface. No conflict had happened between humans and monsters….well….not that we knew of…The police came knocking on the door. I’LL GET IT! Papyrus opened the door and there were three officers. SANS? SANS,WHO ARE THEY? Papyrus said softly for once. Aw jeez, Paps go upstairs. Tori? Sans said as Toriel walked downstairs.

What is….oh no. Toriel said. Have you seen this monster? The officer held up a poster of Undyne. W-What? Why? Toriel said. This monster has assaulted a human recently. The officer said keeping a solid glare at them. Uhhhh….Sans then pulled Undyne to the doorway with blue magic.

HEY! WHAT ARE YOU……Oh god….Undyne said. Thank you, sir. We will take it from here. Two of the officers held Undyne down while the third one put handcuffs on her. Huh?! Frisk said biting one of the officers. LEAVE HER ALONE! Flowey heard her yell and he grabbed Undyne with his roots. The officers grabbed Frisk in a headlock and kicked Flowey’s roots.

HEY, THE HUMAN HIT ME FIRST! Undyne yelled. The officers thought for a moment and uncuffed Undyne’s bleeding wrists. Asgore o’ Mighty, do you really need to lock them that tight? Sans and Toriel said. Its necessary to lock it like that. One of the officers said. Now we just need to ask questions, Ms. Undyne. The officers said. HEY, I’M MARRIED YA KNOW! Undyne yelled holding up her right hand. AND SET FRISK DOWN WOULD YA! Undyne shouted trying to get the officer to release his grip as Frisk’s face was purple. Huh? Oh! I am so sorry! The officer set Frisk down on the floor, then she passed out.

Oh jeez. Sans said picking Frisk up with blue magic and setting her on the couch.  Now, Ms. Undyne, would you please walk outside with us while we ask questions? One of the officers said while the other pulled out a clipboard. As long as you give me some time to heal my wrists first. Undyne said while she put her hands on her wrists. The officers nod and walk outside, Undyne following them.

Well, now we wait. Sans said closing the door and walking over to Frisk shaking her. Kid, wake up. Sans said while Toriel walked over to them. My child. My child, please wake up. Frisk groaned and opened one eye, yet she was still unconscious.

F-Frisk is going to b-be out for a-a while. Alphys said to them. She d-didn’t get enough a-air to her lungs, s-so she’s g-gonna be out for a while. Sans and Toriel sighed and sat next to her, Toriel placing Frisk in her lap. A few hours later, Frisk groaned waking up, looking up at Toriel. Oh! My child, you’re awake! Toriel said happily.

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